Purple Day Japan | てんかん啓発キャンペーン「パープルデー」

3月26日は「パープルデー」 世界的なてんかん啓発のキャンペーンを日本でも。

企画:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会 パープルデー企画実行委員会

パープルデーNagoya 2018

☆ パープルデーNagoya 2018 開催決定!☆

☆ パープルデーNagoya 2018 開催決定!☆







【日 時】:平成30年3月25日(日) 11:00~16:00(ステージ企画は13:30~15:30)
【会 場】:久屋大通公園名古屋テレビ塔下
【主 催】:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会










☆ Purple Day Nagoya 2018 all set! Check out the activities! ☆

The Epilepsy Awareness Motto for – 2018 Purple Day Nagoya – is all decided!! – “With epilepsy we are never alone!”. The 2018 event will be held on March 25th (not March 26th) because March 25th falls on a Sunday, a day of gathering and celebration!

This year’s theme is “Challenge”! Under the beautiful “Nagoya TV tower” (identical looking to Paris’ Eiffel Tower), there will be professional wrestling, a stage for performances, and some great epilepsy lectures/programs by specialists.

To make the day successful, we have started a recruiting drive to add flavor to the “Purple Day Challenge”. We are currently looking for creators/exhibitors of purple-day goods and brochure designers for the grand day! More info follows below.

On March 25, we aim to be surrounded by wearers of purple, and other lavender items, encouraging those with epilepsy, their families, as well as *all* participants to fully enjoy themselves. Join us and become a Purple Day supporter, encouraging those with epilepsy and their families through supportive events! A blast of supportive fun!
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[Date]: Sunday March 25, 2018
[Time]: 11am – 4pm (stage plan from 1:30pm – 3:30pm)
[Venue] Hisaya Ōdori Park, below Nagoya TV Tower
[Host Org]: National Epilepsy Rehabilitation Association
[Tactical]: Purple Day Nagoya Executive Planning Committee
[Tel] 052-741-8300: Direct calls to above go through Healthcare Corporation Fukuchi-kai (within the Suzukake Clinic)

① Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
⇒ Wresting ring appears under the TV tower! Legendary masked superhero “Purple Man” descends!
⇒ Through a heated fiery battle, feelings of “never give up on anything” are conveyed.

* From the very outset, explanation of *Pro Wrestling* rules (easy for beginners to understand).

② Purple Day Creators Market
⇒ A strong focus on lavender/purple colored goods made by various assembled Creators/Exhibitors of Aichi prefecture for a “Creators Market”.
※ Click here for creator/exhibitor application guidelines (link)

We are *now* undergoing a big recruiting effort – asking creators (exhibitors) to create and exhibit goods!

③ Stage Performances
⇒ Popular Japanese Idol performers based in the Nagoya/Chuubu area. Participating performance artists/idols will be announced in the coming days.

④ Epilepsy lectures by specialists
⇒ Experts on epilepsy, opening with Dr. Fukuchi of the Healthcare Corporation Fukuchi-kai, will prepare easy-to-follow lectures, including an informal quiz geared for all audience participants.

*Consultation booth* – There will also be a nearby consultation booth for those interested.

⑤ “Challenge Chanko”
⇒ March in Nagoya is still pretty darn chilly, so on March 25th prior to stage activities beginning, we plan on serving yummy Chanko, warming up your bellies. That’s right, special Chanko-nabe stew (traditionally served to wrestlers in Japan) will be freely provided!

⑥ Important Plus
⇒ We are looking for designers to design leaflets for distributed on March 25th.
Please help the cause to make Purple Day a massive success!
※ For details click here (link)

3/25付 中日新聞朝刊でパープルデーとてんかんのことが取り上げられました!


(リンク)「てんかんに正しい理解を」 企業で働く患者ら訴え (中日新聞ウェブサイト)

名古屋では3月26日(土)当日は、「パープルデーパーティー in 名古屋」というイベントを開催します。