Purple Day Japan | てんかん啓発キャンペーン「パープルデー」

3月26日は「パープルデー」 世界的なてんかん啓発のキャンペーンを日本でも。

企画:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会 パープルデー企画実行委員会

[Eng/Ch Below] ラコサミド Round Table Discussionに参加しました

[Eng/Ch Below] ラコサミド Round Table Discussionに参加しました

☆ラコサミド Round Table Discussionに参加しました☆

4月19日(木)、ホテルグランヴィア大阪で開催された「ラコサミド Round Table Discussion」に参加させていてだきました。
勉強会はスペシャルレクチャーとディスカッションに分かれ、スペシャルレクチャーは京都大学大学院医学研究科の池田昭夫教授を座長に、Arizona College of Medicineから越しのDr.David Treiman, MDの「てんかん患者管理における根拠に基づく医療及び経験に基づく医療」をテーマにした講演を拝聴しました。ディスカッションでは近畿大学医学部脳神経外科学教授の加藤天美先生から「新規抗てんかん薬が切り開く、てんかん治療の新時代」をテーマにした、非常に有意義なお話を伺うことが出来ました。

① https://www.daiichisankyo.co.jp/news/detail/006685.htmlを参照


☆“Lacosamide Round Table Discussion” in Osaka☆

On 19th April, I attended the “Lacosamide Round Table Discussion” which was held at the Hotel Granvia Osaka.

The discussion was separated into two sections. The first section was hosted by Prof. Ikeda Akio from the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University. During this, Dr. David Treiman, MD from the Arizona College of Medicine gave a presentation titled “Evidence based and experienced based medicine in the management of people with epilepsy.” In the second section, Prof. Katou Amami from the Neurosurgery Department of School of Medicine, Kinki University delivered a presentation about Lacosamide. It is considered a new antiepileptic drug for the treatment of partial epileptic seizures. The presentation was extremely meaningful for understanding the importance and usefulness of Lacosamide.

Lacosamide, different from existing antiepileptic drugs, has a new mechanism of action that helps alleviate excessive excitation of neurons by selectively promoting the inactivation of a voltage-dependent sodium channel①. By attending the seminar, I studied hard about the features of Lacosamide and its usage in future. Furthermore, as far as I am concerned, Lacosamide will be the optimal choice for treatment of partial epileptic seizures. The whole discussion was overwhelmingly fascinating, and I would like to keep on participating in epilepsy-related seminars to follow the newest information and ideas.

① Please refer to https://www.daiichisankyo.co.jp/news/detail/006685.html (Japanese)




① 请参照 https://www.daiichisankyo.co.jp/news/detail/006685.html(日语)

(近畿大学医学部 脳神経外科学 加藤天美教授 右から三番目)


(ラコサミドRound Table Discussionチラシ)

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