Purple Day Japan | てんかん啓発キャンペーン「パープルデー」

3月26日は「パープルデー」 世界的なてんかん啓発のキャンペーンを日本でも。

企画:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会 パープルデー企画実行委員会

[Eng below] 第13回ヨーロッパてんかん学会に参加しました!

[Eng below] 第13回ヨーロッパてんかん学会に参加しました!






Purple Day Asia went to Vienna, Austria from August 25th to September 1st, to take part in the 13th European Epilepsy Congress.

The European Epilepsy Congress is an academic council sponsored by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE), with the purpose of facilitating information exchange regarding advancement in treatment and medical services as well as the social recovery of epilepsy.

It is to mention that Anita Kaufman Foundation, a global sponsor and supporter of Purple Day activities in the world, also participated in the conference in partnership with Purple Day Asia. Staying next to each other, we exhibited the posters of our activities in Japan and Asia, distributed the Purple Day goods that were made by our daycare members, and displayed sizable poster of the Purple Man giving the participants an opportunity to take memorable pictures together.

It is without doubt that this time European Epilepsy Congress was quite large with visitors coming from all over Europe. And our booth was indeed one of the most visited spot among other exhibitors throughout the conference. Many epilepsy specialists visited the booth from Asia and Europe, namely China and Uzbekistan, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, UK and Italy, which indeed led to the spread of name recognition of Purple Day Asia and possible collaboration in the future.

Purple Day Asia will also participate another famous epilepsy conference, American Epilepsy Society in New Orleans in upcoming November. We hope to make best use of the experience gained at this conference and continue promoting our activities successfully in upcoming conferences too.

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