Purple Day Japan | てんかん啓発キャンペーン「パープルデー」

3月26日は「パープルデー」 世界的なてんかん啓発のキャンペーンを日本でも。

企画:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会 パープルデー企画実行委員会


[Eng Below] パープルデー名古屋【2018.3.25】イベント内容紹介ちらし

* Purple Day Nagoya 2018, right under the Eiffel-like Nagoya TV Tower!

* This year Nagoya’s Purple Day events are – Sunday, March 25, 2018 (Sunday) 11:00 – 16:00 [no fee]
Note: March 26 is the international “Purple Day”.

* [Date and time] Sunday, March 25, 1998 (Sunday) 11: 00-16: 00
【Place】 Hisaya Ōdori Park (Under Nagoya TV Tower)
【Registration Fee】 FREE! – Please wear or put on something purple 🙂
【Weather】Continues with light/normal rain, halt in case of stormy weather

11:00 Creators’ Market Opens
11:30 Chanko food passed out attendants (free)
13:00 Stage open to attendants
13:30 -Opening- of main activities
○ Stage performances by local idols
※ Performers: *P-Loco/*Rizbeat/*Tinker-bell
○ Epilepsy quiz & easy to follow program by a specialist
○ Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
15:30 -Closing-
16:00 End of Day’s Events

【Event Intro】

① Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
– In the ring under the famous Eiffel-like Nagoya TV tower! THE one and only “Purple Man” enters as legendary masked hero!
Through a passionate battle of the will, Purple Man shows that whatever the challenge, one should never give up!
② Creator’s Market
– Focusing on awesome purple goods from local creators
③ Stage performances by local idols
– Local idols doing their cool stuff…awesome moves and vocals.
Their energy will charge up Purple Day! Right on!
Idol performers: P-Loco / Rizbeat /Tinker-bell ♪
④ Easy to follow epilepsy program by on-site specialists
– Including Quiz format for everyone in attendance.
There will be an informal, easy to understand approach towards increasing one’s knowledge vis-a-vis epilepsy.
⑤ Cooked Chanko
– It will probably be still a little chilly outside, so what better that devouring some yummy Chanko….distributed free!

てんかんと勇気の顔 Epilepsy & Faces of Courage

Epilepsy & Faces of Courage!

2018.3.25 (Sunday)
パープルデー名古屋 / Purple Day Nagoya