Purple Day Japan | てんかん啓発キャンペーン「パープルデー」

3月26日は「パープルデー」 世界的なてんかん啓発のキャンペーンを日本でも。

企画:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会 パープルデー企画実行委員会


[Eng Below] ”パープルデーNagoya”についての記事が2018年3月25日の中日新聞に掲載されました!



今年のパープルデーは終わりましたが、“Purple Day EveryDay”を合言葉に、毎日がパープルデーとなるよう今後もてんかんの啓発活動を進めていきたいと思います。何卒よろしくお願いいたします。


Nagoya’s 2018 Purple Day (CHUNICHI Web Article)

On March 25, the renowned newspaper Chunichi Shimbun (CHUNICHI Web) published an article regarding Purple Day Nagoya, the epilepsy awareness event to take place on March 25 and March 26.

This year’s Purple Day Nagoya main event was held under Nagoya TV Tower on March 25, with roughly 700 people attending the event!

On March 26, Nagoya TV Tower was illuminated in Purple! The events, filled with great excitement and joy, included several programs ranging from idol group performances, a creator’s market, top-class epilepsy specialists, and to top it off, Purple Man!

Importantly, Purple Day depicted a fight-scene between the main character Purple Man and Stigman (representing commonly held prejudices about epilepsy). Purple Man’s pro wrestling appearance in the ring lent an exceptional success to the day!

This year’s Purple Day was a success, and the important slogan, Purple Day Every Day remains with us, constantly raising public awareness on epilepsy.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

[Eng Below]パープルデー名古屋2018で撮った動画(14)!!




14 video clips taken at Purple Day Nagoya 2018! Please watch and enjoy them all!

Purple Man’s big success in the fighting in the ring!
Creators’ Market, volunteers, lectures by epilepsy specialists!
Enjoy the great atmosphere…a day full of smiles!!


1 パープルデーの Beauty 30秒撮ったビデオクリップ。パープルデー + 桜🌸 + 名古屋テレビ塔…気持ち!
30 second clip. Purple Day + Cherry Blossoms + Nagoya TV Tower…awesome feeling it was to experience. Short but sweet.


2 パープルデー名古屋!参加しよう!
Purple Day Nagoya! Let’s join!!


3 オープニング:パープルデージャパンとパープルデーアジアのディレクター、福智寿彦院長からのイベントご紹介
Opening: Day’s introduction by Purple Day Japan & Purple Day Asia Director, Clinic Director Toshihiko Fukuchi


4 パープルマン大活躍のプロレス!偏見と戦う!!

In the ring! Purple Man Fighting Epilepsy!!!


5 パープルマンは強い思いを持っています‼️
Purple Man’s mighty thoughts!


6 パープルマンと院長、仲良し。
Purple Man and the Director of Purple Day Asia talking about courage!


7 パープルデー名古屋2018の紹介ブース!
Purple Day Nagoya 2018 Intro booth!


8 パープルデー名古屋2018クリエイターズマーケット!
Purple Day Nagoya 2018 Creator’s Market!


9 さらに!パープルデー名古屋2018クリエイターズマーケット!


10 寸心!パープルデー名古屋2018クリエーターズマーケット!
SunShin Cafe Gallery! パープルデー名古屋2018クリエイターズマーケット!


11 バルーン作り!パープルデーの良い思い出がいっぱいある!最後の一瞬の表情がすごく可愛い!
Making balloons! More good memories from Purple Day! Her expression during the clip’s last instant is priceless.


12 さらに、パープルマンの仲良し!パープルデーの良い思い出!
More buddies of Purple Man! Great memories of Purple Day!


13 パープルマンがクロージングの時に、スタート!パープルデーの良い思い出がいっぱいある!
More great memories from Purple Day. During the Day’s closing…Purple Man says “Start”! Cool!


14 光陰矢の如し。。。パープルデー名古屋2018。忘れずに、Purple Day Everyday!
Time flies like an arrow…Purple Day Nagoya 2018. Remember that Purple Day Everyday!

[Purple Day English + Pics] 2018年3月25日(日)パープルデーイベントin 名古屋!&3月26日のTV塔ライトアップ

[English + Pictures Below of Purple Day Nagoya 2018]

2018年3月25日(日)パープルデーイベントin 名古屋!&3月26日のTV塔ライトアップ

3月25日 (日) のパープルデーイベントin 名古屋は、協賛いただいた企業の方々、企画会社様を始め、当事者の皆様、家族の皆様、スタッフとすべての皆様の支援のおかげで、大成功に終わることができました!関係者の皆さん、本当にありがとうございました!ここまで毎日、がんばってくれたすべて方々に感謝いたします。





** Purple Day Nagoya 2018 / March 25 & March 26 **

March 25 (Sun): The event was a big success with many people! And to top it off, the weather was perfect.

Cheers to Purple Man for fighting the stigma of epilepsy in the battle of heart-of-mind in the pro-wrestling ring under the Nagoya TV Tower.

And thanks to the various idol groups singing their wonderful songs and dancing, and the top-class epilepsy specialists for sharing information back and forth with the audience about epilepsy.

Giving extra meaning to the event, there were epilepsy combatants (persons with epilepsy), who came on stage to share information and answer questions for the audience. Adding spice, the nonprofit oriented Purple Creator’s Market with its awesome purple goods, was spectacular.

March 26 (Mon): Nagoya TV Tower turned the Nagoya sky into purple for the official Purple Day, celebreated world-wide. Wow! The city sky looked super amazing. Imagine the Eiffel Tower in Paris turning people for Purple Day… well you get the idea!

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks to everyone for making the day under Nagoya TV Tower such a grand success.

*Clicking pictures in the below gallery will enlarge each picture a little. Clicking again will expand each one to its normal size.


[Eng Below] 2018年3月25日、鳥取でパープルデーイベントが行われました★


今年はイベント「てんかん当事者と一緒に語りましょう」が鳥取市の「さわやか会館」で開催され、当事者の方々の体験談などを話し、会場のみなさんと仕事、ストレス解消法 などについて一緒に考えたそうです。








* Check out the awesome pictures above!!

This year as well, we received a report on Tottori’s Purple Day, held March 25. The pleasing info comes from the peer support group ‘Friends’, in charge of the planning for the event.

This year’s event, “Talking Together With Those That Have Epilepsy” was held at Sawayaka Hall in Tottori. There was a bringing forth of thoughts and ideas through the experiences of those with epilepsy, context of working, and areas of stress-release as well.

Friends is a peer support group that includes those with epilepsy, Dr. Toshiyuki Ueda (Director of the Prefectural Mental Public Health Support Center), family members in attendance of those with epilepsy, those with an understanding of work related issues facing the parties, and other persons relating to the issues at hand facing epilepsy.

This year is the 10th anniversary, so lectures and other events are planned. If you are interested, please contact us!

Also, this year the bird hut in front of Tottori station was lit up! It seems that its color purple was a little different from last year’s purple. BUT both are beautiful!

To Everyone in Tottori – Let’s continue to do our best this year and now on!






さて、この「パープルデーマガジン2018」、「チャレンジ」をテーマに制作しました。特集記事の「わたしたちのチャレンジ」では、社会参加に向けてチャレンジしてきた方々のインタビュー記事を掲載!就労移行支援事業所スタッフも、てんかんをもつ人の就労支援に懸ける想いを語りました! その他にも見どころ満載の全18ページの冊子です。




3月25日: 名古屋テレビ塔の下、色々なパープルのデーイベント

3月26日: 名古屋テレビ塔のパープルイルミネーション


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パープルデー創設者Cassidy MeganからのメッセージMessage!(2018.3.23)

[English Below]

Cassidy Meganからパープルデー名古屋へのメッセージ❗️


Video message from Cassidy Megan, the founder of Purple Day worldwide to all of us here – Purple Day Nagoya & Purple Day Tokyo, and everyone else involved in the grassroots campaign throughout Japan and Asia!
From the bottom of our hearts, a massive thanks!

[Eng Below] 南イリノイ医科大学4年生のステファニーさん、福智会を1日見学




** 4th year medical student Stephanie’s 1-day experience at Fukuchi-kai **

Recently we benefited from the grace and intelligence of 4th year medical student Stephanie. She participated in a monthly student partnership between her university, Southern Illinois University of Medicine and the nationally renowned Aichi Medical University Hospital. She came at a good time, as we had begun concrete preparation for Purple Day Nagoya, and she likely experienced the excitement flowing in the air. She met several daycare patients not only with epilepsy but other patients as well. She could see the challenges and successes they go through.

To grasp an even better understand of daycare vis-a-vis patient engagement, Stephanie took part in a guided day tour of several sections of Fukuchi-Kai. The majority of her visit was spent at Suzukake Clinic, where the focus is on providing client centered psychiatric, medical support, and rehabilitation services – for personal, social and/or working relationships. Tadokoro-sensei, a respected doctor from Aichi Medical, joined Stephanie on the guided tour as well. Tadokoro-sensei works in close proximity to Dr. Kanemoto, the Director of Neuropsychiatry at Aichi Medical.

Through Stephanie’s genuine interest in Japan, its daycare community, and similarities/differences with American healthcare, she showed enthusiasm in learning new things, as well as reaffirming things already known. Stephanie was a true wonder to have here! While asking questions and discussing issues, she expressed a deep interest in healthcare’s frontiers, affordation, benefits, technology, societal impact, medical goals/challenges, and follow-up system.

Stephanie saw Japan to be different in the following aspects — Resources in Japan are more community oriented, and more geared towards assisting patients (meals, many group programs, daily exercise etc.). She was impressed by the high level of engagement by members (patients) and staff inside Suzukake Clinic’s daycare community. Within this context, Stephanie was impressed by the organic policy of public health in Japan. There is more of an inclusive aspect to the system in Japan compared to the US, with a focus in Japan on a “bio-social-psycho” model. In addition, Stephanie was impressed by a strong focus on the follow-up (“next-steps”) system in Japan.

Though Stephanie has just recently chosen to become a gynecologist, her interest in psychiatry remains strong. She is very interested in psychiatry’s strong bond with public health. Finally, she will use everything learned from her study, rotations, and overall experiences in the US and Japan to become a better gynecologist.

[Eng Below] パープルデー名古屋【2018.3.25】イベント内容紹介ちらし

* Purple Day Nagoya 2018, right under the Eiffel-like Nagoya TV Tower!

* This year Nagoya’s Purple Day events are – Sunday, March 25, 2018 (Sunday) 11:00 – 16:00 [no fee]
Note: March 26 is the international “Purple Day”.

* [Date and time] Sunday, March 25, 1998 (Sunday) 11: 00-16: 00
【Place】 Hisaya Ōdori Park (Under Nagoya TV Tower)
【Registration Fee】 FREE! – Please wear or put on something purple 🙂
【Weather】Continues with light/normal rain, halt in case of stormy weather

11:00 Creators’ Market Opens
11:30 Chanko food passed out attendants (free)
13:00 Stage open to attendants
13:30 -Opening- of main activities
○ Stage performances by local idols
※ Performers: *P-Loco/*Rizbeat/*Tinker-bell
○ Epilepsy quiz & easy to follow program by a specialist
○ Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
15:30 -Closing-
16:00 End of Day’s Events

【Event Intro】

① Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
– In the ring under the famous Eiffel-like Nagoya TV tower! THE one and only “Purple Man” enters as legendary masked hero!
Through a passionate battle of the will, Purple Man shows that whatever the challenge, one should never give up!
② Creator’s Market
– Focusing on awesome purple goods from local creators
③ Stage performances by local idols
– Local idols doing their cool stuff…awesome moves and vocals.
Their energy will charge up Purple Day! Right on!
Idol performers: P-Loco / Rizbeat /Tinker-bell ♪
④ Easy to follow epilepsy program by on-site specialists
– Including Quiz format for everyone in attendance.
There will be an informal, easy to understand approach towards increasing one’s knowledge vis-a-vis epilepsy.
⑤ Cooked Chanko
– It will probably be still a little chilly outside, so what better that devouring some yummy Chanko….distributed free!

てんかんと勇気の顔 Epilepsy & Faces of Courage

Epilepsy & Faces of Courage!

2018.3.25 (Sunday)
パープルデー名古屋 / Purple Day Nagoya