Purple Day Japan | てんかん啓発キャンペーン「パープルデー」

3月26日は「パープルデー」 世界的なてんかん啓発のキャンペーンを日本でも。

企画:全国てんかんリハビリテーション研究会 パープルデー企画実行委員会


[Eng Below] 3月26日、静岡てんかん・神経医療センターでパープルデーイベントが行われました☆




そんな一日が毎日続くよう、「Purple Day Every Day」を胸に、日々を過ごしたいと思います。


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** Purple Day event was held at the National Epilepsy Center in Shizuoka, Japan **

Just a little while ago, we received a report about the exciting March 26 Purple Day event held at Shizuoka Japan’s National Epilepsy Center!

Original Purple Day T-shirts created at the center were worn by all parties concerned – members under care, staff, and family members!

But the best part of all, when Purple Man made an appearance, the hospital was purplized!!
Below are some comments from the same participating mother!

“On March 26, when Purple Man came into the ward, the children became elated. On that day for sure, children with epilepsy received the definite message of ‘I’m not alone’. I hope to feel ‘Purple Day Every Day’ in my heart, to continue one day’s importance into a daily experience.”

Purple Man will continue to bring love and courage into this world, fighting stigma and raising awareness.
Will Purple Man appear in your city too!? Whoa!

Instagram –> Purple Day Nagoya INSTAGRAM
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パープルデー創設者Cassidy MeganからのメッセージMessage!(2018.3.23)

[English Below]

Cassidy Meganからパープルデー名古屋へのメッセージ❗️


Video message from Cassidy Megan, the founder of Purple Day worldwide to all of us here – Purple Day Nagoya & Purple Day Tokyo, and everyone else involved in the grassroots campaign throughout Japan and Asia!
From the bottom of our hearts, a massive thanks!

[Eng Below] パープルデー名古屋【2018.3.25】イベント内容紹介ちらし

* Purple Day Nagoya 2018, right under the Eiffel-like Nagoya TV Tower!

* This year Nagoya’s Purple Day events are – Sunday, March 25, 2018 (Sunday) 11:00 – 16:00 [no fee]
Note: March 26 is the international “Purple Day”.

* [Date and time] Sunday, March 25, 1998 (Sunday) 11: 00-16: 00
【Place】 Hisaya Ōdori Park (Under Nagoya TV Tower)
【Registration Fee】 FREE! – Please wear or put on something purple 🙂
【Weather】Continues with light/normal rain, halt in case of stormy weather

11:00 Creators’ Market Opens
11:30 Chanko food passed out attendants (free)
13:00 Stage open to attendants
13:30 -Opening- of main activities
○ Stage performances by local idols
※ Performers: *P-Loco/*Rizbeat/*Tinker-bell
○ Epilepsy quiz & easy to follow program by a specialist
○ Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
15:30 -Closing-
16:00 End of Day’s Events

【Event Intro】

① Purple Day Pro-Wrestling
– In the ring under the famous Eiffel-like Nagoya TV tower! THE one and only “Purple Man” enters as legendary masked hero!
Through a passionate battle of the will, Purple Man shows that whatever the challenge, one should never give up!
② Creator’s Market
– Focusing on awesome purple goods from local creators
③ Stage performances by local idols
– Local idols doing their cool stuff…awesome moves and vocals.
Their energy will charge up Purple Day! Right on!
Idol performers: P-Loco / Rizbeat /Tinker-bell ♪
④ Easy to follow epilepsy program by on-site specialists
– Including Quiz format for everyone in attendance.
There will be an informal, easy to understand approach towards increasing one’s knowledge vis-a-vis epilepsy.
⑤ Cooked Chanko
– It will probably be still a little chilly outside, so what better that devouring some yummy Chanko….distributed free!

てんかんと勇気の顔 Epilepsy & Faces of Courage

Epilepsy & Faces of Courage!

2018.3.25 (Sunday)
パープルデー名古屋 / Purple Day Nagoya